Nov 20, 2020

The journey continues: Exploring your local area like a tourist


Nicola McKenzie

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Maybe you’ve spent lockdown writing your novel or renovating your house; perhaps you’ve used it to catch up on all those boxsets you’ve been sidelining, or become a quizmaster on Zoom. One thing’s for sure, though; these past few months have made it near-impossible to follow your wanderlust to new places. We still need a change of scene, however, which is why the number of people taking road trips and staycations has rocketed. 

For adventurers, it can be hard to stay at home, but there are plenty of reasons to love where you live too. Here are Trtl’s tips on rekindling your love for your hometown, treating it like a tourist might, and letting those vacation vibes flourish. 

1. Be busy! 😃

Rejoice in the fact that you don’t have to pack a suitcase before heading out, and seize the day! If you’re the kind of holidaymaker who is up-and-at-em before dawn, bring the same energy to getting outdoors in your local area. Pack your essentials and leave the house as quickly as you can. (But likewise, if you love to lounge, feel free to stay in your PJs until noon; we won’t judge.) 

2. Check review sites ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you’re forever eating and drinking in the same spots, you might be surprised to see what else is on offer in your local area. Remember, you’re on holiday: it’s time to try something new. 

3. Bring your camera with you... 📷

… or even your phone! It’s pretty rare to be able to take time to focus on the little things that make our local neighborhoods special. Go for a walk and see in the sights you take for granted through a different lens. Step out at different times of day — sunrise or sunset, for example — and you’ll find yourself snapping images that look great on your Instagram grid.  

4. Spend a bit more than usual ⌚ 

Book brunch at that new place you’ve been dying to try or pick up takeout from the top-rated restaurant on Tripadvisor. It’s OK to splash out in the same way you would if you had 24 hours in a new city. 

5. Look into local lore 🏠

If you’re a bit of a history buff, part of the fun of going on holiday is learning about your destination. Why not learn more about where you live? Pick up books on your local area from the library or find out more online, and start looking at the place through fresh eyes. 

6. Relax! 😴

You can also get the holiday you’re longing for without leaving the house. Is your dream destination Morocco? Whip up a tagine. Wish you were in New York? Make a Manhattan. Turn your bathroom into a spa or your sitting room into a cinema. You’ll never want to come home. Oh, wait…