Dec 04, 2023

The Trtl Gift Guide 2023: 8 of the best gifts for the travelers in your life


Trtl Guest

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Some people are just more difficult to buy for than others. What do you get for the person who has everything? Or the family member who lies and says they don’t need anything? Or for your colleague Mark who you got in Secret Santa and you only know his name is Mark?

Don’t worry. Trtl is here to help you.

Take a look at our Trtl 2023 Gift Guide. This should cover all the frequent travelers in your life. As well as the people who you never know what to get them.


For the person who has ‘Do Not Disturb’ tattooed on their forehead:

Trtl ‘Glimpse’ Sleep Mask

For the person who waters their plants but never themselves:

Trtl Flask


For the person who gets frostbite in summer:

Trtl Mini Wrap


For the person who needs 3 suitcases for a weekend away:

Trtl Packing Pods


For the person who claims “they can never sleep when traveling”:

Trtl Pillow Plus


For the person who can never sit still on long journeys:

Trtl Bamboo Travel Socks


For the parents who visit you on Christmas with their loud kids:

Trtl Family Bundle


For the person who’s really special:

2 x plane tickets (one for them and one for you).