Nov 22, 2023

The Ultimate Ski Trip Checklist for Beginners


Trtl Guest

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Calling all beginner skiers - stop googling what to pack and follow our basic checklist instead! You’ll be flying down those black slopes before you know it.

Sometimes you need a vacation that’s more thrills and action, than chill and do nothing. Enter the ski trip. The views, the food and the clothes - top-tier vacation gold! But if you’ve never headed to the slopes before then there’s that all important question “What do I need to pack for a ski trip?” We’ve gathered some of the must-haves for any snowy vacation, so go out, have fun and tag us in your pictures.


On the slopes 

All the underwear

Just trust us on this. Bring extras.


Proper cozy wool socks. And long ones. And we also recommend Trtl Travel Socks to keep your feet warm on the way there!


Bring some good waterproof snow boots and trainers for your day-to-day activities. And from getting from your chalet to the bar. If you’ve got your own ski boots that’s great but in most ski resorts it’s easier to hire ski boots when you get there.


Lots of layers are key to feeling good out there on the slopes. And getting that crucial first base layer right is probably one of the more important ones. Then you can add whatever weight of fleece or mid layers you want depending on the temperature that day. Last but not least, a good ski suit. And with so many options to choose from you can make sure to find the one for you - check out this stylish list for inspiration.

Goggles and sunglasses

It’s super easy to hire helmets and poles - but it’s a good idea to bring your own goggles and sunglasses. The sun can seem even brighter bouncing off those snowy hills.



Cold and wet hands can RUIN a good run on the slopes. It’ll leave you miserable and just wanting to get to the bottom to wrap your hands around a hot chocolate and call it a day. We highly recommend bringing good waterproof gloves that’ll keep your hands dry and toasty all day.


Off the slopes


Remember that half of a good ski vacation is getting warm and cozy after a day on the hills. Bring your comfiest loungewear and nab a spot in front of the fire.


You might not fit a hat underneath your helmet on the slopes but it’s definitely needed back on flat land. Keep that head cozy!

Non-sweaty clothes for dinner

You’ll feel better and so will others around you. But we’re not here to judge.


Swimsuits aren’t something you immediately think of when someone says “Ski Trip”. But if you’re lucky enough to stay in a place with a pool or a hot tub, you’ll be so glad you packed one. Looking out into the snowy hills as hot water bubbles around you? Yes please.



Some useful extra tips

  • Grab a local ski guide. You’ll be able to find a map or booklet of the local area. Plus it makes the perfect memento to bring back to the real world.
  • Safety is key. Always wear a helmet on the slopes. You can rent these and other equipment when you get there.
  • Get some reusable hand warmers. Pick these up before you go and tuck them into your mittens on the hills. The ultimate little luxury.
  • Don’t forget suncream. The sun is strong out there - even when it’s freezing.
  • Backpacks for snacks. If you’re the type of person who might get a tad hangry then snacks are a must. We don’t want you to be scaring everyone on the slopes.
  • Always bring a Trtl Pillow. Get some good shut eye when traveling to your adventure-packed vacation.
  • Never leave home without a pack of playing cards. Always good for downtime in the evening.
  • Read up on the rules. All skiers are subject to rules by the FIS. So swot up before you go to keep you and others safe!


So all you need to do now is stretch out those hammies and you’re ready to hit the slopes!